101 Best Dc Trivia Questions and Answers

DC Comics trivia challenges fans with questions about iconic characters, storylines, and the comic book universe’s rich history. Discover and test your expertise in the realm of superheroes and villains.

Embark on a journey through the world of DC Comics, a universe brimming with legendary heroes and infamous villains. From the bustling streets of Gotham City to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, DC Comics has enchanted fans with its captivating narratives and dynamic characters since the birth of Superman in 1938.

Every page turn invites readers into epic battles, moral dilemmas, and the endless struggle between good and evil. With a pantheon that includes the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and a myriad of other characters, the DC Universe compels fans to plunge deep into its lore, uncovering hidden secrets and engaging in the spirited debates that have shaped geek culture. Whether you’re a lifelong enthusiast or a newcomer eager to explore the origins of these iconic figures, DC trivia offers a thrilling test of your knowledge and a unique avenue to connect with the characters that have become more than just drawings on a page—they’ve become a part of our collective mythology.

Understanding Dc Trivia

Test your knowledge with our engaging DC Trivia Questions and see how well you know the iconic superheroes and villains of the DC Universe. Dive into a thrilling challenge and uncover fascinating facts with each question in the world of DC Comics.

Importance Of Dc Trivia

DC trivia is more than just fun facts about the nation’s capital. It offers a wealth of benefits, both educational and social, while also contributing to the economic well-being of the city.


  • Deepens knowledge of American history and government:Learning about DC’s landmarks, figures, and events can spark interest in learning more and lead to a better understanding of the nation’s history and how it functions.
  • Improves memory and critical thinking:Trivia challenges us to recall facts and analyze clues, leading to stronger cognitive skills and a sharper mind.
  • Promotes cultural appreciation:DC is a diverse city with a rich cultural heritage. Trivia can introduce you to different traditions, landmarks, and notable people, fostering appreciation for its unique identity.


  • Conversation starter and icebreaker:Interesting facts about DC can break the ice and lead to engaging conversations, helping you connect with others and learn new things.
  • Team-building activity:Participating in trivia nights or competitions promotes teamwork, collaboration, and friendly competition, strengthening bonds and creating shared experiences.
  • Entertainment and leisure:Trivia can be a fun way to spend free time, providing a mental challenge and a welcome break from routine. You can enjoy it individually or with friends and family.


  • Boosts tourism:Integrating trivia into tourist activities makes sightseeing more engaging and informative, attracting visitors and boosting the local economy.
  • Supports educational institutions and museums:Museums and historical landmarks can use trivia as an educational tool and generate revenue through trivia nights or events, supporting their mission of preserving history and promoting learning.
  • Creates new opportunities for businesses:Businesses can organize trivia nights and competitions to attract customers, promote their brand, and create a unique social experience.

Overall, DC trivia offers a valuable and enriching experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. It can deepen your understanding of history, strengthen your social connections, and contribute to the economic vitality of the city. So, next time you’re looking for a fun and educational activity, consider diving into the world of DC trivia!

Exploring Dc Trivia Categories

Dive deep into the world of superheroes with DC trivia questions that challenge your knowledge of comics, movies, and characters. Test your expertise and uncover fun facts with a range of categories catered to DC enthusiasts.

Crafting Dc Trivia Questions

Delve into the world of superheroes with engaging DC trivia questions designed to challenge fans and casual followers alike. Entice quiz buffs with clever inquiries that span the vast DC Universe, testing their knowledge on iconic characters and legendary story arcs.

101 Best Dc Trivia Questions and Answers

Here are 101 DC Comics trivia questions along with their answers:

Batman Trivia

Question: What is the real name of Batman?
Answer: Bruce Wayne.

Question: Who is Batman’s loyal butler?
Answer: Alfred Pennyworth.

Question: In which fictional city does Batman operate?
Answer: Gotham City.

Question: What is the Bat-Signal used for?
Answer: To call Batman for help.

Question: What is the name of Batman’s crime-fighting partner?
Answer: Robin.

Superman Trivia

Question: What is Superman’s home planet?
Answer: Krypton.

Question: What substance is Superman vulnerable to?
Answer: Kryptonite.

Question: What is Superman’s civilian identity?
Answer: Clark Kent.

Question: Who is Superman’s love interest?
Answer: Lois Lane.

Question: What newspaper does Clark Kent work for?
Answer: The Daily Planet.

Wonder Woman Trivia:

Question: What is Wonder Woman’s real name?
Answer: Diana Prince.

Question: What mythical island is Wonder Woman from?
Answer: Themyscira.

Question: What is Wonder Woman’s weapon of choice?
Answer: Lasso of Truth.

Question: Who is Wonder Woman’s arch-enemy?
Answer: Ares, the God of War.

Question: What is the invisible vehicle used by Wonder Woman?
Answer: The Invisible Jet.

The Flash Trivia

Question: Who is the fastest man alive in the DC Universe?
Answer: The Flash.

Question: What is the real name of the original Flash?
Answer: Barry Allen.

Question: Which chemical gave Barry Allen his super-speed powers?
Answer: Chemicals struck by lightning.

Question: Who is the arch-nemesis of The Flash?
Answer: Reverse-Flash.

Question: What is The Flash’s hometown?
Answer: Central City.

Green Lantern Trivia

Question: What is the source of Green Lantern’s power?
Answer: The Green Lantern Power Battery.

Question: Who was the first human Green Lantern?
Answer: Hal Jordan.

Question: What is the weakness of Green Lantern’s power ring?
Answer: The color yellow.

Question: Which intergalactic police force does Green Lantern belong to?
Answer: The Green Lantern Corps.

Question: What is the oath recited by Green Lanterns when charging their rings?
Answer: “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight…”

Justice League Trivia

Question: Who is the founding member of the Justice League?
Answer: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter.

Question: What is the Justice League’s headquarters?
Answer: The Hall of Justice.

Question: Who is the primary antagonist of the Justice League?
Answer: Darkseid.

Question: Which superhero team opposes the Justice League?
Answer: The Legion of Doom.

Question: Who is the strategist and leader of the Justice League?
Answer: Batman.

Aquaman Trivia

Question: What is Aquaman’s real name?
Answer: Arthur Curry.

Question: Where does Aquaman rule as king?
Answer: Atlantis.

Question: What is Aquaman’s primary weapon?
Answer: Trident of Neptune.

Question: Who is Aquaman’s wife?
Answer: Mera.

Question: What ability allows Aquaman to communicate with sea creatures?
Answer: Telepathy.

Teen Titans Trivia

Question: Who is the leader of the Teen Titans?
Answer: Robin/Nightwing.

Question: Which Teen Titan can shape-shift?
Answer: Beast Boy.

Question: What is the real name of Raven’s father?
Answer: Trigon.

Question: Which Teen Titan has the power of telekinesis?
Answer: Starfire.

Question: Who is known as the “Changeling” in the Teen Titans?
Answer: Beast Boy.

DC Villains Trivia

Question: Who is Batman’s arch-enemy?
Answer: The Joker.

Question: What is the real name of the Joker?
Answer: Jack Napier.

Question: Who is the ruler of Apokolips and Darkseid’s son?
Answer: Orion.

Question: Which villain uses fear toxin to induce terror?
Answer: Scarecrow.

Question: Who is the speedster enemy of The Flash from the future?
Answer: Professor Zoom.

DC Movies Trivia

Question: Who directed Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy?
Answer: Christopher Nolan.

Question: What is the name of the island in “Wonder Woman” where Diana grows up?
Answer: Themyscira.

Question: Which actor portrayed Superman in “Man of Steel” (2013)?
Answer: Henry Cavill.

Question: In “Aquaman” (2018), who plays the title role?
Answer: Jason Momoa.

Question: Who directed “Justice League” (2017)?
Answer: Zack Snyder.

DC Comics History Trivia

Question: In what year was DC Comics founded?
Answer: 1934.

Question: What was the original name of DC Comics?
Answer: National Allied Publications.

Question: Who co-created Superman?
Answer: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Question: Which superhero team debuted in “The Brave and the Bold” #28 in 1960?
Answer: Justice League of America.

Question: What was the first comic book to feature Batman?
Answer: Detective Comics #27.

DC Comics Crossovers Trivia

Question: In which crossover event did the Justice League and Avengers team up?
Answer: JLA/Avengers.

Question: What is the name of the storyline where Batman fights the Predator?
Answer: Batman versus Predator.

Question: Which crossover features characters from DC and Watchmen?
Answer: Doomsday Clock.

Question: In “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” what causes the heroes to turn against each other?
Answer: Superman’s descent into tyranny.

Question: Which crossover features the amalgamation of DC and Marvel characters?
Answer: Amalgam Comics.

DC Comics Reboots Trivia

Question: What is the name of the event that led to the creation of the New 52?
Answer: Flashpoint.

Question: Who is responsible for the creation of the New 52 universe in DC Comics?
Answer: Geoff Johns.

Question: In which year did DC Comics launch the Rebirth initiative?
Answer: 2016.

Question: What character witnesses the events of different timelines in “Doomsday Clock”?
Answer: Doctor Manhattan.

Question: What is the current DC Comics initiative that follows Rebirth?
Answer: Infinite Frontier.

DC Comics Multiverse Trivia

Question: How many Earths are there in the DC Multiverse?
Answer: Infinite.

Question: What is the designation of the main DC Universe Earth?
Answer: Earth-0.

Question: In which Earth does the crime syndicate come from?
Answer: Earth-3.

Question: What is the name of the Earth where the Justice League is evil?
Answer: Earth-3.

Question: Which event led to the creation of the DC Multiverse?
Answer: Crisis on Infinite Earths.

DC Comics Elseworlds Trivia

Question: What is the Elseworlds imprint known for?
Answer: Telling stories set outside the main DC Universe continuity.

Question: In the Elseworlds tale “Gotham by Gaslight,” who is the Victorian-era Batman hunting?
Answer: Jack the Ripper.

Question: What if Kal-El’s spaceship landed in the Soviet Union instead of Smallville? What is this Elseworlds tale called?
Answer: Superman: Red Son.

Question: In the story “Kingdom Come,” who comes out of retirement to restore order to a world overrun by superheroes?
Answer: Superman.

Question: Which Elseworlds tale imagines a future where Batman marries Wonder Woman?
Answer: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

DC Comics New Characters Trivia

Question: Who is the teenage superhero with electrical powers who becomes a member of the Teen Titans?
Answer: Static.

Question: What is the name of the Green Lantern from Earth who is a Muslim and an architect?
Answer: Simon Baz.

Question: Which character is known as the “Red Robin” in the DC Universe?
Answer: Tim Drake.

Question: Who is the former Robin who becomes Nightwing?
Answer: Dick Grayson.

Question: What is the name of the African-American superhero who wields a magic helmet and is a member of the Justice Society of America?
Answer: Doctor Fate.

DC Comics Women Superheroes Trivia

Question: Which DC superhero is known for wielding a pair of magical, mystical, and indestructible bracelets?
Answer: Wonder Woman.

Question: Who is the Gotham City police officer who becomes Batwoman?
Answer: Kate Kane.

Question: Which character is a skilled acrobat and gymnast, known for her connection with the Teen Titans?
Answer: Starfire.

Question: What is the real name of the superheroine who is a member of the Birds of Prey and has a sonic scream?
Answer: Black Canary.

Question: Who is the alien princess with the ability to absorb and channel ultraviolet radiation?
Answer: Starfire.

DC Comics Legacy Characters Trivia

Question: Who is the son of Superman and Lois Lane?
Answer: Jonathan Kent.

Question: Which character takes up the mantle of The Flash after Barry Allen’s apparent death?
Answer: Wally West.

Question: Who becomes the new Batgirl after Barbara Gordon becomes Oracle?
Answer: Cassandra Cain.

Question: Who is the second person to take on the mantle of Robin?
Answer: Jason Todd.

Question: Which character becomes the third Green Lantern after Hal Jordan and John Stewart?
Answer: Guy Gardner.

DC Comics Events Trivia

Question: What is the name of the storyline in which Batman confronts his own mortality and replacement?
Answer: Batman: Knightfall.

Question: In “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” what cosmic being is responsible for the crisis?
Answer: Anti-Monitor.

Question: What event led to the creation of the New 52 universe?
Answer: Flashpoint.

Question: In which event did Batman discover the existence of the Court of Owls?
Answer: Batman: The Court of Owls.

Question: What event centers around the discovery of a mysterious button with the smiley face on it?
Answer: DC Rebirth.

DC Comics Miscellaneous Trivia

Question: What is the name of the sentient planet that is a member of the Green Lantern Corps?
Answer: Mogo.

Question: Which superhero has the ability to talk to and command sea animals?
Answer: Aquaman.

Question: What is the name of Batman’s armored suit capable of taking on Superman?
Answer: The Bat-Armor.

Question: Who is the antihero and sometimes ally of Batman, known for using guns and lethal force?
Answer: The Punisher.

Question: What is the name of the comic series that explores the darker and more adult side of DC characters?
Answer: DC Black Label.

Question: Which DC Comics character is often associated with the phrase “The Fastest Man Alive”?
Answer: The Flash (Barry Allen).

Feel free to use these questions for trivia nights, quizzes, or just to test your own knowledge of the DC Universe!

Hosting Dc Trivia Events

Elevate your gatherings in the bustling world of Washington, D. C. with engaging trivia events centered around the city’s rich history and culture. Crafting an evening of DC trivia questions guarantees a delightful mix of entertainment and education for locals and visitors alike.

  • Technology integration – use apps for real-time scoring.
  • Pre-event engagement – social media teasers to build excitement.
  • Group activities – encourage teamwork with mixed-fanbase tables.

Sharing Dc Trivia Knowledge

Fostering a sense of community and knowledge sharing, these platforms cater to a diverse range of users eager for a challenge and willing to learn something new about their favorite DC Universe characters and storylines.

FAQs Of Dc Trivia Questions

Who Is The Oldest Superhero In Dc?

The oldest superhero in DC Comics is Doctor Occult, who first appeared in 1935.

What Was The First Character In Dc?

The first character in DC Comics was Doctor Occult, created in October 1935 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Who Is The Most Favorite Superhero In Dc?

The most favorite superhero in DC is often considered to be Batman, known for his iconic suit and compelling story.

Who Was The First Person In Dc?

The first person to settle in what is now Washington, D. C. , was Francis Pope in 1663.


Diving into DC trivia has been a thrilling journey! We’ve explored hidden corners of the DC Universe, testing our knowledge and sharing some laughs. As you step away from this post, remember that each quirky fact adds depth to the rich tapestry of comic lore.

Keep curious, keep learning, and let the trivia live on!

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